February 26, 2015

How I Refinished the Nursery Glider

One of my favorite pieces in Clark's nursery is the green glider! My mom found it for a sweet deal, and swooped it up for me to refinish. Of course, being the always thinking ahead gal that I am, I forgot to take a true before picture. But do not fret! What I have comes pretty close, and will at least let you see the lovely early 2000's-ness of the find.
Don't get me wrong, I love nautical print. For the most part. But it just wasn't matching my vision for what the nursery would look like! Plus, it was a little... grimy. Ew. 

I was a little nervous to get started because I had never painted furniture before. But it turns out it was way easier than it seems! And so was recovering the cushion!

Step 1: Gather your supplies
- paint color of choice (I picked up a qt. of water based semi-gloss paint at lowes)
- paint brush (don't skimp here. I got a new one inch brush that was med-high quality)
- sand paper (medium and fine grit)
- fabric of choice (if you are covering the pad. I got about 4 yards to be safe)
- scissors, sewing machine, seam ripper regular sewing needs (again, if you are recovering a pad.)

Step 2: Sand surfaces that you plan to paint
- I was a little overzealous on this, and thought that I had to sand down to the original wood and almost went crazy sanding and sanding and sanding. Turns out, you really only need to rough up the finish so that it's not totally shiny anymore. Then go over with the fine grit to make it a bit more smooth. The "spokes" took some time but it was worth it in the end! I also chose to only paint the chair portion of the glider, and left the bottom portion the original finish. Worth it to not worry about the small nooks and crannies down there since I was painting by hand with a brush.

Step 3: Wipe down the surfaces you have sanded with a damp cloth, and let dry completely
- This keep tiny bits of sawdust from mucking up your paint finish!

Step 4: Paint, as smoothly as possible
- You will repeat this step 2-4 times until you get the coverage that you want. I think I ended up doing three coats to make sure it was nice and smooth.
**tip!** with a glossy paint, it's best to not go over it again and again in a specific spot because it will start to get tacky and streaky. If you feel like there is a drip or something a little "off" or "splotchy" let it dry completely, and then sand it and use the next paint coat to go over it more carefully and smoothly. Think of it like when you paint your nails. Once they start to dry you can't brush over them again until they are completely dry! Same concept here.**

Step 5: Admire your work, then go inside and work on recovering the pad

Step 6: Carefully remove the current fabric from pad
- using a seam ripper, remove the fabric. Be careful, you will use this as a guide for your new fabric. Take pictures along the way if you need to remember how it was assembled! Mine ended up being two separate pieces. 

Step 7: Using old fabric as a template, trace new fabric, and sew together
- Think of the fabric cover as a pillow case for your pad. Trace your template onto your new fabric, and cut it out. Place the right sides together, and sew up all sides except one. Turn right side out. stuff your pad in there (like a pillow) then hand sew the last side shut.

Above, I have sewn the new fabric and put the pad into it, but still need to make the pad feel "contoured".  To achieve this, I sewed by hand through the fabric and the pad. I followed the grooves that were already there.

And complete! Hooray! I'm so glad I got over my nervousness over painting furniture, and decided to give it a try! While this was a slightly time intensive project, I absolutely love how it turned out and looks in the nursery! (Coale loves it too)


February 10, 2015

One Month Update

Happy one month birthiversary to our little man!

9-10 lbs
(calculated with the ever so accurate "stand on the scale while holding him and then without)
Being Warm
Smooth Jazz Radio
Diaper Changes
Little Man
Little Man-Man
Fuzzy Head
I want to remember
When he's fighting sleep he makes 123041 faces, like he's warming up for an acting audition
His fuzzy fuzzy hair, especially after a bath
His newborn clothes used to actually fit him with room to spare

I can't believe our little man is already a month old! Some days it feels like he just got here, while other days I can barely remember life without him! Everyone says to "savor this time" and while 2am wakeups are hardly my favorite thing in the whole world, I am trying my best to lean in to the hard and remember that he wont be tiny and snuggly forever. Happy one month, Clark!


February 5, 2015

Homemade Bagels!

How have I not talked to you about these bagels?! Basically they evoke the same feelings that I have for these pretzels and this bread. Which is bliss. And hunger. And pride. And a desire to yell, or gently encourage, to the whole world "these are not hard to make!". And they taste so much better than the sad pack you find in the refrigerated section at target. Which is saying a lot for me because I love all things that come from target. Target could put a price tag on a rock and I would probably want it.

But these bagels. These are on a different level of delicious. You can eat them straight out of the oven. Piping hot and chewy. And delicious. And so freakin good. Or you can somehow resist the urge to eat them all at once (crying babies who need, you know... things, help with this) and put them in your fridge to be toasted come morning. Still freakin amazing.

AND! Do you have a favorite bagel topping? I bet you do. Of course you do. Well, you know how when you order your favorite type of bagel at the bagel place and the toppings feel... meager? Well when you make your own you can add all the sesame seeds! Seriously, bring on the toppings.

Ok, hopefully at this point I've convinced you. So here's the deets;

Bagel Recipe (for plain bagels, to be topped with toppings. If so desired.)
1 1/4c warm water
1Tbs sugar
2tsp yeast
3c flour
pinch of salt
1 egg (for egg wash before baking)

1. Start with your water, sugar, and yeast. Mix together in your mixer bowl, and let sit for about 3-6 minutes, until kindof foamy (this is activating your yeast to make sure it's good)
2. Turn your mixer on low and add flour, one cup at a time, and pinch of salt.
3. Let mix for about 5 minutes, until your dough is a smooth ball. This part can be a bit dependent on weather/climate so if your dough is super dry and not a ball, add some water (a teaspoon at a time) if it's super wet and not a ball, add some flour.
4. Once you have a ball, cover with a damp towel and let rise for an hour
5. After the hour is up, divide the dough into 6 portions (or 8 if you want your bagels a tad smaller) and make mini-balls-of-dough and poke a hole in the middle. Place on parchment paper on your baking pan of choice and let rest for 10 minutes.

6. While bagels are resting, put a pot of water on to boil and preheat your oven to 425F.
7. After 10 minutes, boil your bagels for about two minutes. Flipping after a minute so you are boiling a minute on each side. (I usually boiled multiple at a time)
8. Carefully remove from boiling water and put back on your parchment lined pan.
9. TOPPINGS!! Lightly brush the tops of the bagels with your egg wash (an egg that has been beaten in a small cup of bowl) and top with whatever your favorite bagel toppings are!
**toppings I like: Sesame seeds. Poppy seeds. Hard&Sharp cheddar cheese, salt, caraway seeds, etc. etc. etc.***
10. Bake at 425F for about 12-18 minutes, until they are the amount of golden that you prefer. I like to under cook mine juuuuust a tad so that when I go to toast them in the mornings they don't get burny.

And that's it! A teeny bit step-intensive, but really not a lot of actual work. If I can pull these off during nap time, I know you can make them at home, too! So what do you say? Will you give it a try!?


February 3, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Update

Have you thought about trying the capsule wardrobe yet?

I did it about midway through my pregnancy, and absolutely love it! The idea is that you stay with a core 25-30 pieces. Or 20, or 40, honestly whatever works for you. Then, pack everything else away. For me, the pieces do not include exercise/lounge clothes (because hello sweatpants, I need more than one pair of you) or t-shirts (again, hello spirit Friday. Middle schoolers do not accept the same spirit Tee every Friday). But my tops and sweaters and pants? Fair game. I also do not separate between "weekend" and "work" clothes. About once per season you take down the clothes you put away and trade/update the capsule as needed.

(above is the capsule I picked out for winter/pregnancy, and mentioned it on the insta.)

While, technically, I know that the beginning of February is not Spring, I was way to excited to trade out some of my maternity clothes and trade in some of my brighter springy clothes. I'm going to go ahead and say that in NC we have more than four seasons. We have Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. But we also have "So hot you wear the least amount possible Summer" and "Still winter but there are some days in the 70s and that frump sweater simply will. not. do." There are also freak winter storms in April, and Hurricane season. But I digress.

I had hubs take down the four (Yes four! Yikes!) boxes that had been in the attic, and I got to work.

Here's what I got rid of;
- all maternity tops with the "scrunchy" sides
- all maternity pants except the jeans
- the fall colors (orange, maroon, etc.)
- corduroys
- anything that I didn't wear because the fit was off or weird

Here's what I added;
- lighter colored cardis
- 3 sweaters
- a handful of springy colored tees
- three new skirts

Here's what I want to purchase
- 2-3 more button downs
- a jean jacket (like this one! But let's be realistic, it'll probably be this one)
- a pair of colored denim/pants

I love knowing exactly what I still need to buy, instead of going shopping and just getting whatever seems good willy-nilly. But mostly, I love that my closet is sooooo much more organized and finding something to wear is much simpler!

So what do you think?
Would you try a capsule wardrobe? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts!


January 20, 2015

Due Date!

Ah, the infamous due date. It's a funny thing, a due date. Everyone tells you to not pay a stinkin' bit of attention to it, but you can't help but circle/star/heart that date on the calendar as soon as you hear it. I have to admit, as much as I was "feeling" like Clark would come early I was also "feeling" like he wouldn't be here until February. It's funny how those things work too. Things you have no control over, big things, that you are required to just let happen as they are supposed to.

Tim was way down in South Carolina when C decided he was ready to come. I remember calling him at 1am, concerned that maybe I wasn't in "real" labor and he would be driving back for nothing. Luckily for us, he decided it was better to be safe than sorry. By the time he got back home (at 4:30am) it was definitely time to head to the hospital.

Once there we were triaged and then checked in upstairs. They gave me the epi (which I remember feeling so ridiculously luxurious at the time!) and that slowed things down a little bit. I definitely wasn't complaining, though, as neither Tim nor I had had any sleep since waking up for work on Friday morning. After some fitful naps, it was go time. Little man was born at 4:43pm on Saturday.

And we are so glad he's here!


January 19, 2015

Baby Huber's Nursery Reveal!

I've had so much fun sharing sneak peaks of Baby Huber's nursery on instagram during my pregnancy. There were a good handful of projects that I worked on to get the room juuuuust right, and I'm thrilled to finally get to share the finished product! (get ready, this post is a tad photo heavy!)

Obviously when it comes to a kid's room "finished" is relative. But still, as finished as it can be!

The gallery was was the first project that I envisioned. I was thrilled to find these prints in the clearance red dot section of Barnes and Noble and we got frames from Ikea. As soon as you walk in the room, these prints are on the left hand side - I love them!

If you stand in the doorway, and look straight ahead, this is the site you see;

The glider was probably my biggest project. My mom found one for us and I sanded, refinished, and recovered it myself. I was really excited and inspired by rockers that I saw that had some natural wood components to them. The fabric I used I found at Joann's and if you look closely it kindof looks like a speckled rock.

Next to the glider is the bookshelf (Ikea) and poster that I painted with "You Are Our Greatest Adventure". We got asked a lot of times what the theme of the nursery was going to be. It was a little difficult to answer, because we definitely didn't choose a theme in the traditional sense. T and I tried to focus on things that we liked (a little whimsical, a little outdoorsy) and felt that our overall theme was "adventure".

Next, you'll run into the crib. We found it at target online, and I love how simple it is.

On the wall (above, but to the left) of the crib there is a fun porthole mirror that belonged to T's grandmother.

The changing station corner is probably one of my favorite parts of the nursery! Tim installed the shelves on the left, and for now they are filled with fun things that we like. Likely the contents will change as baby gets older and has likes of his own. T also put up the pegboard to hold things that we need while changing baby boy. I'm excited to decorate it a tad more here soon!

The changing table itself was also T's grandmothers and was passed down to us from his mom. I love how sturdy it is, and it's the perfect size for the changing pad! I made the changing pad cover with the same fabric that I used to recover the glider.  Inside the drawers we have our collection of diapers and various other diapering necessities.

I had so much fun styling this room for our little man! I like to joke that it's more finished than our master bedroom, now! Putting together the little details was definitely my favorite part! Having visions in my head for how they would all fit, and then seeing that come together was so much fun!

I'm so happy to have this space complete and can't wait to spend time with baby boy in here! Even Coale loves it!


Totally linking up today!

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January 15, 2015

Our Newest Addition

He's HERE!

Our sweet baby C arrived on Saturday at 4:43pm!
He was 7lbs 8oz
21 inches long

We are completed floored.

Deleriously thrilled and terrified.

So freakin excited.

And now we are three (well, plus Coale, four)

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