January 3, 2014


 1. In Vermont, the temps definitely dipped pretty low! Icy trees and single digits and plenty of snow helped us to have a white christmas!

 2. Coale got tons of attention on Christmas love this year! Including getting dressed up as an elf. He loved it... promise. 
 3. Whenever we visit Vermont, Coale always gets his own toy, which he demolishes. Here, you see the small amounts of evidence.
 4. Once we returned home, we hit the ground running with the project list for 2014.
5. I busted out the gold spray paint, too, for some much needed jewelry organization.

My top fives this Friday are from that past two weeks. I have loved having a break to recharge and reset, and am so pumped for all the things I have planned in 2014! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Painting in on my list for 2014 too!

    1. Yes! Paint just feels so fresh, doesn't it!

  2. I am so happy I popped over from Life Rearranged! I feel like I just met a new friend;). Your blog is gorgeous, and I loved your wedding pictures - so sweet! Super jealous you were in Vermont for the holidays; I grew up just over the boarder in NY and am forever pestering my husband to leave the Pacific NW and let me get to where my heart is. I saw your LL Bean thermometer in your thumbnail and had to check out your blog. Happy, Happy New Year!

    1. Hooray! I love when that happens! Vermont was fun, but I like my cold in short bursts for sure! :] Thanks for stopping by!


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